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As the flagship of the Kings Craft Brewing company, LionHeart Lager is rich, golden craft Lager with bold malt character and smooth, bitter finish. easy.

LionHeart Kings Craft Beer

LionHeart Lager

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LionHeart Lager Beer

Welcome to Kings Craft

Welcome to The Kings Craft Group, your go-to source for quality products in the Western Cape!


We're dedicated to supporting local industries and providing a platform for artisans and manufacturers to showcase their top-quality, white label products.

Currently, we're proud to offer craft beer and artisanal coffee, both of which have captured the hearts of our local market.


This success fuels our journey forward, as we strive to expand our offerings and continue our commitment to local talent.

By championing the local market, we not only contribute to the economic prosperity of the Western Cape but also empower the communities within it, fostering success on a broader scale.


Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of growth and collaboration!

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Join the Kings Revolution.

Kings Craft Coffee

A local company Craft Coffee company providing high quality artisanal coffee. We provide several restaurants and retailers our coffee.

We currently have a high quality medium roast coffee to meet all taste profiles of discerning coffee drinkers.

Having Launched in 2020, our aim is to work with small independent roasters to provide us with high quality artisanal coffee.

This will allow us to support the local coffee industry.

To have a full experience in coffee we are partnering with the best to search for the best raw materials as well as the best products to enjoy the coffees we provide

Kings Craft Brewing Co.

Join the Kings Revolution.

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