Lionheart Lager Cans
330ml x 24


330ml x 24    

As the flagship of the Kings Craft Brewing company, LionHerat Lager is rich, golden craft Lager with bold malt character and smooth, bitter finish. Craft using premium imported Belgian malt, LionHeart ism locally brewed in small batches in a Cape Town Microbrewery. Full flavoured yet crisp and refreshing.




  • Silver Medal 2017 & 2018 at the South African National Beer Trophy
  • IBUs: 22
  • ABV: 4.7%

King Richard was a true warrior, leading the crusades from the front line. As a King and Knight, he was a man that lead by example. He became to be known as LionHeart the brave for his valour in the many battels he fought. Winning many victories during his crusaders to battle Saladin.

He became a great and inspiring leader and one of the best generals of his time.

We pay homage to the great king with our bold and uncompromising Lager. A premium, all malt craft lager with a deep golden colour and a smooth finish, the beer is crafted using premium imported Belgian malt and packed with Saaz hops.

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